Leks&Co is a multi services law firm, filled by young, energetic, creative lawyers, providing premium legal services with competitive price, quality management and delivering our services based on definite core values.


What Makes Us Unique? 

1. We are young, energetic, and creative lawyers, so that we can provide and deliver a fast and reliable legal service;

2. We emphasize the use of technology in delivering our service;

3. We are internationally certified of ISO 9001:2008 on Quality Management;

4. We emphasize our core values in providing and delivering our service;

5. Our office is strategically located at CBD area;

6. We have received numerous award from Global Law Expert, Corporate INTL and Finance Monthly;

7. We provide services to store client's legal document in the online server, accessible by our client password protected;

8. We provide useful legal update knowledge through Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other resources ;

9. We provide pro bono service for churces and social organizations, and international organizations through Trust Law Connect, run by Thomson Reuters Foundation;

10. We provide one (1) hour free consultation and free trial for retainer services within two (2) weeks; 

11. We provide premium service with a cost efficient approach.


To become a leading and top three law firm in Indonesia, well known locally and globally by  providing premium legal service with information technology prominence, personal compassion, quality management and wide networks

  • To meet the needs of corporate and high net worth individual as its clients who want swift, energetic, high quality and premium legal services with proportional price;
  • To continuously improved, add values, innovate and achieve sustainable development on the delivery of legal service;
  • To have a high tech enviromenrt to work efficiently and effectively in all aspect of legal services.



Below are our core values that we use as our fundamental principles to live our daily life and to provide our service to our clients, colleagues, and communities.

  • Love

We love our clients and we love ourselves. Love is the main foundation and principle law of our life.

  • Gratitude

We thank you to all of our clients that have been working together with us, and who put their trust in us.

  • Share

We continually share our knowledge and expertise to those who need them particularly to those who cannot afford the paid legal services, through various channels. 

  • Integrity

We are honest to ourselves and to our clients. Strong morals principles are our code of life.

  • Excellence

We strive for excellence in everything we do particularly to provide and deliver excellent legal services to our clients.

  • Persistence

We will never give up. Even though problems will always be there, we strive to solve it persistently.


Leks&Co is the recommended law firm by Global Law Experts for real estate law area and Corporate INTL. Eddy Leks, our Managing Partner is the recommended attorney by the Global Law Experts.

Please click here to see our profile as listed in the Global Law Experts.


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