International Network

Starting from November 2012, Leks&Co has become a member of Eurojuris International. The membership is important for Leks&Co so that Leks&Co can provide legal service to its clients to many other countries in the world, if they require it, with a set of quality standards.

Eurojuris International is the leading network of independent law firms in Europe, with members based in 650 different cities/locations in about 50 countries, not only in Europe but worldwide. Eurojuris International represents about 600 law firms and 5 000 lawyers.The Eurojuris headquarters were first awarded ISO 9001 certification in 2005 and have retained this qualification ever since. Eurojuris organises approximately 100 events/training days every year, which are exclusively available to Eurojuris members on a wide range of legal and business development topics.The objectives of Eurojuris International is to provide companies, corporations, public authorities and private clients with direct legal advice and local representation worldwide.

Please visit to find more information about the international network.


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